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A little about me...

Hi, I’m Ela, and this is a blog about travelling, about working, about finding out what being a digital nomad is all about, and about making life changes. I’m joined on this adventure by my husband Chris who keeps me sane, contributes photographs and deals with all the techy things that I hate.

I like: food, nature, hiking, old buildings, history, stories and the smell of wood smoke in crisp cold air. I don’t like: being too hot, lumpy pillows, delays, bad coffee and the smell of panic when a deadline is looming. I’m a disorganised planner, a homely adventurer, an anxious girl boss - and above all an optimist who believes in giving things a try just in case things go right.

Chris and I started our slow-moving journey at the beginning of 2022 having realised that we had a shared aspiration to escape the hamster wheel of everyday life in the UK and see the world. I’m in my 40s now and though we’ve travelled on holiday to various places, neither of us have ever lived abroad. This has been a big step for us at an age by which we surely should have ‘settled down’.


This site will follow the ups, the downs, the learning experiences and the joyful moments of the lifestyle we’re trying to lead, as well as showcasing some of the beautiful places we're lucky enough to call 'home'.

It's never too late, right? I hope you enjoy our travels and maybe get inspired to do some of your own.

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